I was first introduced to CST when my son was born. He had no particular problems but CST was recommended through a friend and when Jesse was four days old a very lovely CST came to my house to work on him. I was instantly fascinated as I watched my tiny boy go from being curled up like a peanut to stretching out both arms and lengthening his back and legs while in the therapists hands. He completely opened up. From that day on he ate more efficiently and never had trouble sleeping. It is through that experience that lead me to become a CST. I fully understood that by gently guiding the cerebral spinal fluid to open and find the natural alignment in the spine and cranium that optimum health can be obtained. The cranium of a baby goes through dramatic changes during birth and CST can help reorganize and settle their natural state. Continued CST through a child's growth is invaluable in supporting them to adjust to the many transformations in their lives.

I have worked with many babies usually while they are held by a parent, sometimes when they are sleeping or contently playing. CST is completely safe there is never any forcing from outside pressure. It is extremely gentle and respectful to each individual's needs. I have only had positive results from treating conditions such as: 

Colic/digestive difficulties
Poor sleep patterns
Feeding difficulties (latching on)
Favoring one side
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