I have been a yoga teacher for twenty years. I studied in India and completed a teacher training in New York City at the World Yoga Center. I was drawn to CST from my yoga practice as I see many similarities in their conditioning of the body; when we have correct alignment, awareness and a relaxed state our bodies are more content and we can function to a greater capacity in our lives. I completed a two year Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy training with Roger Gilchrist at the Wellness Institute which covered such topics as: 

Craniosacral therapy and the energetic body. Palpitation, perception and presence. Body architecture and the craniosacral system. Cranial base patterns and whole body dynamics. Central nervous system motility. Stillness, motion and the breath of life. The inherent treatment plan. Facial dynamics and TMJ issues. Visceral dynamics and embryo logical development. Birth dynamics and integration in cranial therapy.  

I have practiced CST in France, London and New York.
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